Mindful Mums


Lewisham Mindful Mums helps pregnant women and new mums in the London Borough of Lewisham to look after themselves during what can be a challenging period of their lives.

Lewisham Mindful Mums groups are free for women to learn how to stay emotionally well, develop confidence and social connections during pregnancy and in the first year of birth.

Groups take place at Children and Family Centres across the borough.

Crèche facilities are available on a first come, first serve basis for babies and children from 3 months to 5 years old. Crèche places need to be booked before the group date. Young babies can be brought into sessions with support from a Support Worker available.

Groups are led by trained volunteers with their own personal experience of looking after themselves during pregnancy and the first year of birth.

Topics Covered


  • Self-expectation versus reality.
  • Explore the myth of a ‘Perfect Mum’ and changes in identity since becoming a parent.

Body Image

  • Self-image and media pressures.
  • Discuss ways of improving confidence.


  • Changing dynamics with partners, friends and family.
  • Identifying ways in which you can maintain and improve relationships.


  • Building your support network and breaking the routine.
  • Ways of improving your daily lives with the Five Ways to Wellbeing.

Moving Forward

  • Managing Stress, Tiredness and Worry.
  • Learn a mindfulness technique.

Biggin Hill Mindful Mums group

What One Mum said about the Groups

“Attending the group has been very beneficial to me.

It was really interesting and helpful meeting such a range of friendly women who were expecting or had recently had their first, second or third baby and sharing our thoughts and worries about motherhood.

We talked through some really pertinent topics and together, we came up with simple and effective ways to help alleviate stress or anxieties…

… I have been able to put some of the relaxation or calming techniques into practice and it has been so helpful in alleviating anger or frustration.

Thank you so much for the group.

I highly recommend it to any mother of young children or expectant new mum.

Invaluable experience.”

Upcoming Lewisham Mindful Mum Session Dates

Downderry Children’s Centre, Shroffold Road, Downham, BR1 5PD (Map)
Thursdays, 10am – 11.45am
19th April – 17th May 2018

Beecroft Children’s Centre, Dalrymple Road, Crofton Park, SE4 2BS (Map)
Fridays 12.45pm – 2.30pm
20th April – 18th May 2018

Book to Secure Your Place in a Group

Places in groups are limited, must be booked in advance and allocated on a first come, first served basis.

To make sure all mums, babies and children are provided for at the groups, please register for a place using the form below.

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