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What We Do

Lewisham Community Support Service supports adults with mental health problems. In addition, specialist support is available for black and minority ethnic (BME) communities and adults over 65 years old.

Individuals who want to use the service may be leaving community mental health services or just receiving support from their GP but need short term, practical and social support to improve their quality of life.

Support is available for an initial 12 weeks with an option for extension up to 6 months, subject to review.

Services Shaped by Users

Lewisham Community Support Service is committed to meeting the individuals needs of everyone who uses it. We hold focus groups involving the people using the services. The focus groups allow users of the service to share what they like about the service and what could be improved. Anyone using the service is invited to these focus groups to ensure it meets the needs of anyone using the service in the future.


1. Information and Advice

Providing information and advice on mental health, housing, finance, leisure and activities across the borough.

2. Advocacy

Supporting people in issues such as housing and finances. The service also supports individuals to develop the skills to represent themselves in such matters.

3. Putting the Individual First

The service puts the individual at the centre of tailored support it provides, according to their background, interests and personal goals – Person Centred Planning (PCP)

4. Courses and Groups

Individuals can develop skills in:

  • living well with mental health
  • finding and staying in employment
  • diet and nutrition
  • finances and benefits
  • making social contacts and developing relationships.

5. Accessing Other Opportunities and Services

Providing information and support to access opportunities and services in the wider community according to personal interests – Community Bridge Building.

6. Peer Support and Volunteering

Users of the Lewisham Community Support Service can access services provided by Lewisham Peer Support. Individuals can develop social skills, relationships and confidence in Peer Support groups.

These groups provide safe, welcoming, group support with people who have experience of mental health problems. Individuals who have benefited from Peer Support, would like to support others and develop their own skills can volunteer for Peer Support Volunteer roles.

To Access the Service

Please note, Community Support Service is not a drop-in service. Initial meeting is by appointment only. Accessing services is subject to assessment and meeting eligibility requirements. This service is available to adults over 18 years old who have mental health needs, are registered with a Lewisham GP or live in the borough of Lewisham.


If you are experiencing mental health problems and currently only receive support from your GP, you can contact us directly for an initial appointment.

Statutory Mental Health Services

Referrals to this service are welcome from Community Mental Health Teams, where individuals are ready for discharge and could benefit with support in transition to independent, community living.


GPs can refer any patients experiencing mental health problems who could benefit from social and practical support to live more independently.

Contact Details

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Lewisham Community Support Service,
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